Burning Bridges

Sayonara Adios, auf wiedersehen, farewell, Adieu, good night, guten abend, Here’s one last song you can sell Lets call it burning bridges It’s a sing along as well Ciao, adieu, good nacht, guten abend Play it for your friends in hell Someone shut the lights off Turn the page The stories I could write I’ve […]


I gave you my fingerprints Left them all over you Tangled up in your sheets This heartache’s the only proof I gave you my fingerprints Now just like you they’re gone The man invisible I’ll be him from now on The last time that I saw them They were running through your hair You held […]

Blind Love

Welcome to another hard night You made it through another day Sit at the counter counting tips Can’t count on nothing else these days Don’t want to go home to the T.V. Don’t want to go down to some bar You grab a blanket, Put the top down And go driving in your car Though […]

We All Fall Down

Don’t be afraid to lose your way Take that step don’t hesitate Your time is now Don’t be afraid to scrape your knees On these streets of shattered dreams Stand up and be proud I’m telling you now Climb every mountain How high doesn’t matter Don’t ever be afraid to fall Walk out on that […]

We Don’t Run

Take a look around you, yeah, the sky is falling Sinners say your prayers this train is off the tracks Nothing is forever when tomorrow’s calling Dancing with the devil to get one day back I’m not afraid of burning bridges ‘Cause I know they’re gonna light my way Like a Phoenix, from the ashes […]